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Glamping Tents as Outdoor Extension – What Hotel Owners Have to Consider

Hotel owners around the world struggle with making the most of their available space. At the same time, it is vital for them to constantly reinvent themselves, as guests wish for new, innovative ways to spend their holidays and make them an unforgettable experience.

One approach that an increasing number of both travelers and hosts are growing to endorse is glamping. But what are the main considerations that need to be taken into account by hoteliers aiming to offer glamping opportunities, and how can glamping tents by STROHBOID help them to facilitate such outdoor experiences? Here are a few key aspects hoteliers should bear in mind.

Space is limited
Many hotel owners know the problem: While their bed capacities are frequently pushed to their boundaries, there is plenty of outdoor space that remains unused. As a reaction to this, not only do camping sites offer a great variety of accommodation options in glamping tents; but more and more hotel owners are also discovering the opportunities that come with glamping accommodations on their grounds, and considering incorporating glamping in their portfolio.

The struggle when trying to extend indoor capacities to the outdoor space, though, is to do so without losing the inimitable character of the surrounding nature. Therefore, great care is necessary when choosing a design that does not disturb but rather complements the surroundings.

Austrian-based STROHBOID responds to this very struggle with their variety of outdoor solutions in different sizes in order for them to fit into unused outdoor spaces of different sizes, allowing great flexibility for hoteliers.

Shared sanitary facilities as the only option?
It might be trivial to ask, yet the question remains: Where should one go when nature calls? The answer for guests in a hotel’s main building seems obvious since fully equipped bathrooms can usually be found in their private hotel rooms or at least not too far from them.

However, regular tents normally lack such luxury, which makes it necessary to come up with more creative solutions, such as outdoor showers and toilets, but also shared sanitary facilities – all of which is not necessarily the most convenient option for guests and staff but rather a nuisance.

Many glamping tents like those by STROHBOID, on the other hand, already come with bathrooms, including showers and toilets, implemented into the tent itself with surprising inventiveness. Nevertheless, glampers expect all the amenities of a hotel, which must also extend to sanitary facilities.

As a matter of fact, according to a survey conducted by EarsandEyes in Germany, around 40 % of the interviewed individuals object to camping, mainly because of a lack of comfort, and also 44 % of those who consider a camping vacation state that comfort is important to them. This is where glamping can play out its strengths, since its own bathroom or washing facilities, for instance, would be an argument to reconsider their objection to a camping vacation for a stunning 29 % of the questioned individuals.1

Independence from the weather
Another practical question hotel owners come across when evaluating their options of how to make use of their outdoor space is related to the weather. Every summer has an end, and even in the usually hottest months of the year, the nights can get rather fresh and rainy as well. So does one have to tell their guests that their planned outdoor stay has to be canceled due to bad weather?

Not at all, since glamping tents by STROHBOID are weather-proof due to their translucent membrane, and even heatable. Therefore, in contrast to usual camping tents, an overnight stay in such a glamping tent might be all the cozier, and due to their greater stability, even snow does not stop guests from enjoying their vacation amidst a unique scenery.

Individual products for a seamless glamping experience
Why should guests only spend their nights outdoors, but then enter the hotel’s main building when it comes to calling the remaining services of the facility? Breakfast room, chill-out area, even conference rooms – all of these services can, one after another, also be offered in the outdoor space, in order to provide guests with a seamless glamping experience.

This can be achieved by choosing a glamping tent manufacturer like STROHBOID that is specialized in outdoor solutions of different sizes and for various purposes – from the cozy outdoor lounge that can be used as a breakfast room up to the roomy pavilion as a terrace roofing, conference hall and various other purposes.

By having a look at the wide spectrum of outdoor solutions by STROHBOID, one has the additional advantage of a coherent design language across their outdoor space.

Sustainability and closeness to nature – where STROHBOID can score
When hotel owners aim to offer their guests unique and holistic glamping experiences, one main aspect is to determine a design language that complements the surrounding nature. This is why STROHBOID has taken inspiration from nature when designing manifold outdoor solutions, resulting in products that do not vanish in their environment, but rather function as an eyecatcher, a focal spot within a natural scenery.

In addition to its appealing looks, STROHBOID’s unique design comes with another benefit: It allows for great stability, which makes these outdoor solutions usable all year round – be it wind, rain, cold, or even snow that they have to withstand, as they are heatable and provided with a waterproof membrane that additionally delivers a distinctive light setting in their insides.

These insides come with a stunning level of comfort: Not only do glamping tents by STROHBOID provide a fully equipped bathroom, including a shower and a water closet – they can also be ordered with a kitchen unit for even greater independence during glamping vacations.

All of this is framed by a design that is not only inspired by nature but also realized on the basis of natural materials. The wooden structure of the glamping tent, for instance, is produced out of regionally sourced solid wood, which undergoes a high-tech manufacturing procedure before being processed to the innovative lightweight structure that makes the tent as resource-saving as it is.

The indoor room is dominated by natural materials as well, such as the wooden floor treated with a natural exterior oil, so that the premium haptics of the product endure several years – in fact, the glamping tent by STROHBOID is designed to last for more than 30 years, in which they allow hotel owners to offer their guests unique and sustainable glamping experiences they shall remember.