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Eco Resort Network 2023: Eco Hospitality Event

After an amazing event spent connecting with so many of the eco-hospitality industry’s most innovative names in Slovenia, how could we not hold a second one? This year, we’ll be hosting at the Lazure Hotel & Marina in the beautiful, yet somehow underrated, Montenegro on May 24th & 25th – with an optional 3rd day to explore the country with a number of tours on the 26th.

Event co-organisers Steph Curtis-Raleigh, International Glamping Business, & Maja Dimnik, World of Glamping, have been traveling the country in the past week, scouting out the most scenic locations and meeting with the local tourism authority.

“Maja Dimnik and myself are very pleased to announce that we have dates for the second Eco Resort Network event for 2023 – May 24 & 25. We hope you will be able to join us in beautiful Montenegro for two days of networking with leaders in the sector. Expect stunning scenery, top talks, more products and services, a field trip to see an eco resort being built, boat trips, wine tasting, world-class dining and more!”

Steph Curtis-Raleigh

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